When will we be in contact with our DJ?

We’ll work at your pace. Once we’ve had a chance to learn your details and get a good sense for your needs, we’ll make the appropriate recommendation and have that team member contact you. We do use your online planning portal as a tool so this will need to be completed so that we can make sure we’re on the right track with the recommendation.

When do I have to have my planner and songs requests completed?

Please try to have your planning forms, song playlist and timeline done at least three weeks prior to your event date. Expect that as we get a little closer to your date, we’ll be in touch to make sure every detail is covered so that you can relax knowing everything will be just right.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment for services can be made in cash, check, money order or major credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). If using credit/debit card, you can use the secure online payment gateway accessed through your account or simply call our office.

When is the final payment due?

Final payment is due no later than seven days prior to your event date unless other arrangements have been made.

What time will you arrive on site?

We know how important it is to be set up and ready to go come start time. For a basic DJ setup, typical arrival time is about an hour prior to the start time. It really only takes about half that amount of time to get set up so if guests start filtering in early, we’ll start music early. Of course we’ll arrive even earlier if there’s additional gear requirements (ceremony sound systems, lights, etc.)

Can we see the DJ in action?

We get asked this occasionally and would be happy to accommodate if possible. We respect the privacy and are focused on our clients events so we’re real sensitive about inviting others to drop by. If it’s a public event or a venue that has ongoing public access that you can blend into without intruding on the party, then we should be able to make it work. Imagine others showing up at your event hanging out. Not a professional thing for us to do.

I need music and mics for my ceremony.

You can count on us to provide all the music and gear you’ll need for your ceremony no matter the location. Our secondary systems are perfect for playing nice music as guests are arriving and being seated. You’ll have your choice of processionals and recessional. We can mic the Officiate and/or readers so everyone will be able to clearly hear every word.

Even if you’re doing live music, you may want to consider having us provide mics which will be especially important for larger or outdoor ceremonies.

What are your on-site needs?

The scope of the event will dictate how much time we’ll need prior to the start of the event. For a basic show, typically an hour is sufficient but we’ll discuss this as part of the planning process. Please make arrangements for a six or eight foot banquet table, clothed and skirted. Typically 1 dedicated 15-20 amp circuit is sufficient but for larger shows or lighting, more circuits or a break out box may be necessary.

For outdoor events, shelter for the DJ space is mandatory no matter the weather. We do have canopy rentals available if needed.

What is your attire?

The DJ will wear clothing appropriate for the event. For weddings, this typically means tuxedo unless suit/coat and tie is requested. For other occasions, suit, business casual or casual may be appropriate. We do pride ourselves on looking sharp!

What’s included in the basic DJ setup?

The basic DJ set up includes 2 professional speakers on tripod stands, mixer, amplifier, wired mic, wireless mic, laptop/CD players, sound processing equipment, all power and signal cables. We can add additional speakers, mics, subwoofers, lighting, etc. if the event calls for it.

Please make arrangements with the venue or caterer to have 1 six or eight foot banquet sized table for our gear. This should be clothed and skirted to match the rest of the tables.

Do you have backup equipment and DJs?

All of our systems have redundancy built in so in the unlikely event one component would fail we won’t be dead in the water. We have backups on site and round the clock operations personnel on call ready to assist with any technical issues.

In our long history, it’s hard to remember the last time we had to utilize a back up DJ, but it’s scary to think that something could happen and your DJ becomes indisposed. If that’s ever the case, we have back up DJs who are on call and will be able to expertly fill in. They’ll get all the pertinent details and will be well qualified and prepared to carry out the task.

Do we feed the DJ?

We’re very appreciative of being able to have something to eat since often we arrived way before meal time and will be there way past. By all means though, please do not include the DJ as part of your head count as we won’t be taking advantage of the bar or other amenities your guests will be enjoying. Talk with your caterer about feeding your vendors. Often they will just make it happen or arrange for discounted pricing.

A note to share with your caterer – if feeding arrangements are made for the DJ and other vendors, it would be helpful to have the meal available at the beginning of the food service rather than the end. This way, the DJ (and your other vendors) will have time to eat and will be ready for when it comes time to move onto the next item on the agenda.

Do we tip the DJ/Photo Booth Attendants?

It is appropriate to tip the DJ for a job well done. Typically, our clients will tip anywhere between 10-20%. Never expected but always appreciated.

What if I need to cancel or postpone my event?

We try to be extremely flexible with postponements and cancellations. In the event of inclement weather or other occurrences as outlined in the agreement, arrangements can be made for a future available date. If you need to cancel, we’ll need a cancellation letter in writing no later then two weeks prior to your event. The deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to a future booking within one year of the signing of the agreement. Please see your agreement for further details.

What if I need to change the times of my event?

Things change, we get it. We’ll always remain flexible and adjust accordingly. You can make changes by logging into your account, sending us an email or simply calling our office.

What if I can’t find a song that I want in your music database?

The thinking behind our online music database was to include the most popular, most requested songs. You don’t have to actually find the song you want in our music database. Simply click on the “Add Your Own” tab and tell us what you want. In this day and age – the WORLD is our library so if you want it, and it’s out there, you’ll have it.

I want to make sure everything runs smoothly. Will you coordinate things with my other vendors?

We feel strongly about approaching your event working as a team. We’ll coordinate everything with your other vendors so that everyone’s on the same page. We’ve been told many times we’re the only ones who ever make the effort to do that and it really makes a difference.